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Arcade Module

With our arcade module, you can add augmented reality interactions to legacy hardware. Our software lets you overlay three-dimensional AR animations over existing interactions, bringing them off the screens and into the world! You directly interface with the machine, transmitting real-time to the glasses, so everything is perfectly synchronized. You can even bundle this with …

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Multiplayer Module

The world of augmented reality is meant to be shared. With our multiplayer module, you can create experiences to do just that. From virtual power points that pop into the user’s view, to showing 3D models of your product with clients, to playing games with everyone around you, create your next group gathering with Realmax! …

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Advanced SDK

The “god view” of multiplayer mode, allowing you to see all players and their interactions in the space. Our advanced SDK is included in our Developer’s Kit. This is our Unity-based SDK that allows you to: Develop custom experiences Interface with external devices, such as our Leap Motion bundle Use other Realmax software, such as …

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Are you a performer who wants to reach more fans but just can’t tour that much? Using volumetric capture technology, we can capture your performance and create an augmented reality concert environment for those special fans you’ve been wanting to reach. You can also use our glasses to add extra-special effects to your regular route …

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Level up your arcade with AR! Make in-game effects come to life and explode off-screen. Turn single-player games into multiplayer experiences. Give old consoles a new lease on life with new animations and interactions that literally fly off the screen! All this and more is possible with the Multiplayer and Arcade modules. Request a demo

three people wearing headsets poking their heads around a door

Escape Rooms

Change a simple prop into several puzzle pieces.  Add virtual characters to enrich the experience.  Add as much decor as you want to customize the theme.  Drop in clues while users are playing without interrupting their experience.  The possibilities are endless! Want to learn more?  Request a Demo

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